Gluten Free Dining Guide

Gluten Free Restaurant Meals1. Find GF Menus Online

2. The Restaurant Locator finds restaurants near you that serve gluten free meals.

3. Totally Gluten Free Restaurants This is the safest option, unfortunately there are very few of these restaurants.

Warning: The restaurants listed here are only a guide to point you in the right direction. There is never a guarantee that the food you will get at any restaurant is going to be gluten free. When you dine out don’t be afraid to ask questions, “Which menu items are gluten free?” “Are you sure that is gluten free?”, “Can you check to make sure?” You need to convince yourself that the restaurant can serve you a safe meal? If the answers you get don’t seem quite right, or the server doesn’t seem knowledgeable or helpful, leave the restaurant.

How does a restaurant get listed in the guide?