Digestive Aids

Do we need to take digestive enzymes?

Eating out with food allergies is always risky, one never knows if there will be cross contamination. Digestive enzymes are designed to help breakdown proteins like gluten and lactose. The benefits of digestive enzymes are to make it easier for your body to digest the food you eat, and help to alleviate the accompanying discomfort and symptoms. People who are severely celiac are recommended to use digestive enzymes especially when eating out. These products DO NOT replace a gluten free diet but may help if gluten is accidentally eaten.

Do digestive enzymes really work?

What the Food Reactions web site has to say about Glutenzyme: “Many users of Glutenzyme have had their lives turned upside down, or should one say downside up with the use of the enzyme. Glutenzyme helps eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms related to Celiac disease. People who are severely celiac are recommended to use Glutenzyme especially when eating out to avoid experiencing inflammatory reactions to hidden gluten. Other less sensitive celiac may find that they may be able to tolerate some amounts of gluten.”

Get the full story – http://www.foodreactions.org/gluten/enzymes.html