About Us

About Celiac Restaurant Guide

We became aware of the problems Celiacs face when our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. As if it isn’t bad enough to have to deal with the problem at home, the much larger problem of eating when you are away from home, is somewhat daunting.

Our goal is twofold:

1. To provide a restaurant guide so Celiacs can find a safe place to eat, wherever they are.
2. To raise the awareness by restaurant owners, and show them that it is profitable to serve gluten free food.

Would you like to have a web site where you will be able to find restaurants to serve you gluten free food? This is it, we need your input in order to get a guide that has enough listing, so you will be able to find a restaurant where ever you live or travel. Please enter your favorite celiac friendly restaurants. There is no expectation that you are responsible for having provided accurate information. We ask that when you eat a restaurant you feel they can serve a gluten free meal, please return to our site and add the restaurant to our list. Please don’t recommend a restaurant if you don’t feel it can serve gluten free meals.