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Celiac Restaurant Guide was developed to help celiacs find restaurants that serve gluten free food and to try to interest restaurants in offering a better selection of gluten free options. Our purpose is to do just that, it is important that we receive feedback from our users. If there are things you like or dislike, please tell us. If you feel we could do things better, let us know. We want to make this the best resource it can be for you.
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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. zbritalia

    Hi! I just went back to Milan, Italy and found an amazing gluten free store with all the typical Italian products that cannot be found in, for example, the US or other parts of Europe. I would really like to share the store with you and your readers if possible since it seems only to be listed on Italian-language resource sites.
    The store is:
    Via Martiri Oscuri, 3, 20127 Milan, Italy Tel. +39 02 2611 0687
    Thanks for your resources! Brittany Richardson

  2. mama2ca

    . Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that Totally Gluten Free Bakery of Lacombe, AB has moved!!! Their new address is #2, 5100 Wolf Creek Drive, Lacombe, AB T4L 2G6. Phone number and fax number have remained the same!! Come check out the new location – bigger, better and comfortable place to relax and have a safe, gluten free snack or meal as well as get all your bakery needs! Special orders also available.

  3. Harold & Dona Post author

    Thanks so much for your information.

  4. whitefire

    I would like to see if we could get added to your site as a gluten free friendly establishment. We have many menu items that are gluten free from burgers to tacos to even a gluten free brownie for desert. Which can also be washed down with a couple of beers that we have in bottles that are certified gluten free not gluten removed. Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.
    Thank you,
    Whitefire Johansen
    Asst. General Manager
    Sir Vezas Taco Garage Chandler AZ
    [email protected]


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