Finding Gluten Free Restaurants

Finding Gluten Free Restaurants

Celiacs can control the food supply in their own home by reading labels and being careful what they buy and eat. A simple thing like dipping in the butter a second time when buttering toast, can leave bread crumbs in the butter.  This may be all it takes to trigger an autoimmune reaction.  Some Celiacs remove all the gluten from their homes and everyone eats gluten free, it is easier and safer that way.

Controlling the food at home is difficult, but when eating out a Celiac has no control over what is in the food.  If gluten free food is ordered and the cook contaminates it with flour during preparation, Celiacs will become ill.

Restaurants are starting to become more aware of the problems Celiacs face and many restaurants can prepare gluten free food.  The problem for Celiacs is finding those restaurants that can serve them safely. Travel can be especially difficult when one is not familiar with the restaurants in the area.  Finding a restaurant is a simple thing for most people, but for a Celiac it can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. When most people travel they find a restaurant that looks good and stop to eat.  When a Celiac wants to find a restaurant they stop and ask if the restaurant can serve gluten free food.  Often this question is met with a blank stare from the server, so moving on is the only choice. When a restaurant says they can serve gluten free food a Celiac needs to decide if in fact they can.  Usually this is done through a series of questions, if the answers seem reliable the decision may be to stay for a meal. If the food is contaminated with gluten, the Celiac is the one who suffers not the restaurant employees.

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