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Finding gluten free restaurant meals in Europe is easy in some countries but can be quite challenging in others. We have found some countries that have a good guide to help you, in others there doesn’t seem to be much help available. In many countries the restaurants are quite aware of what eating gluten free means. Use the same caution you always use, ask questions before you order. Watch for signs, some restaurants advertise gluten free.

The Gluten Free Hotel Guide – shows hotels in most European countries.


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 France Gluten Free Travel

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Germany Chili’s locations –
Liesl at the ColoseumItaly Gluten Free Travel Restaurants in Italy must complete a special course to learn how to prepare gluten free meals. The Italian health agency is very strict about gluten contamination.

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Lcn Spain-129Spain Gluten Free Travel There is a fairly good selection of restaurants in Spain that serve gluten free meals.

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Turkey P.F.Chang’s Location at Etiler Mah. Nispetiye cad. No: 94 Beşiktaş/ İstanbul – 0212 358 60 60 (Opening Nov. 6,2012)
Lcn EnglandUnited Kingdom Gluten Free Travel You will not find restaurants for England Gluten Free dining in this guide. The restaurant industry in England is very tuned to the need for gluten free food. When traveling in England you will not have any trouble finding restaurants that can serve you a gluten free meal.This is the best site to find restaurants in England.

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