Dedicated GF Facilities

Gluten Free Restaurants and Gluten Free Bakeries

Looking for a safe place to eat? This is a listing of totally gluten free restaurants and totally gluten free bakeries.

Gluten Free ChefTotally Gluten Free Restaurants are safe place to eat. Everything on the menu should be gluten free, you can eat or drink anything.

Totally Gluten Free Bakeries bake only gluten free products. There are no ingredients used in the bakeries that contain gluten. You should be able to eat everything you buy at these bakeries with no fear eating any gluten.

It can never be said with absolute certainty that any food is totally gluten free. Food can be contaminated with gluten at any stage of production, at the original farm site, at any stage of processing or packaging, and through the careless handling anywhere in the food processing chain. These restaurants and bakeries have taken extreme care to make sure that there is no contamination of the food, at their facilities.

Owning a totally gluten free restaurant has many challenges:

Getting food suppliers that are reliable and can supply food that is gluten free and still not too expensive
Training staff to ensure the food is not only good but also gluten free.
Ensuring that no wheat enters the building (staff bringing their sandwich from home).

These businesses have gone to considerable trouble and expense to create a restaurant that can serve 100% gluten free food for people with a gluten intolerance. Often the restaurants that serve only gluten free food have a problem remaining profitable because of the extra costs for buying and preparing wheat free and gluten free food. That means their customer base is primarily people with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. With a limited customer base it is often difficult to attract enough customers to make the restaurant profitable. If you have a 100% gluten free restaurant near you, please support it and share your knowledge about the restaurant with your gluten intolerant friends . If the restaurant has a bakery take some baked goods home with you, not only are these products usually better than the products you can get elsewhere, but they will help to ensure that the restaurant bakery remains viable so you can return again to dine there. Often the owners and staff of these restaurants are there because they are also gluten intolerant, or they have a family member who is a Celiac.