Sea World Gluten Free Dining

Gluten Free Dining at Sea World

Sea World has 3 locations – Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio


7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, FL 32821

There are about 50 restaurants that can serve gluten free food within 5 miles of Sea World Orlando.

San Diego

500 Sea World Dr., San Diego, CA 92109
(800) 872-7245

There are about 35 restaurants that can serve gluten free food within 5 miles of Sea World San Diego.

San Antonio

10500 Sea World Dr., San Antonio, TX, 78251
(800) 700-7786

There are about 40 restaurants that can serve gluten free food within 10 miles of Sea World San Antonio.

Sea World’s menu says:

“If you are concerned about food allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, egg,or soy, please speak with our restaurant manager or supervisor to request recipes and product packaging labels before consuming any food items.”

An Email from SeaWorld about food allergies:Thank you for contacting the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Family of Parks. We appreciate your questions as they are invaluable in helping us provide you with world class service.We feel confident that you can visit any facility to help at our park during your vacation. All restaurants are capable of accommodating food allergies; please ask to speak with the restaurant chef or a supervisor when you arrive. They will be happy to go through their individual menu items so that you can decide what will work best for you. When planning your day at the park; please stop by your restaurant of choice at least one to two hour prior to dining so they may accommodate your choices.Please note that we do not allow coolers in the park; however, we will make an exception if we are not able to accommodate a specific allergy or if you are more comfortable with bringing food for the person with food allergies. The cooler used for this must be of a 6-12 pack in size. Food must be in single serving sizes for the individual with allergies only. No glass or straws are permitted. If you would like to bring a large cooler, you would have to store it in your car until needed at SeaWorld. There are picnic tables located to the right of Pet Care that you may use. Please bring a copy of this email and visit the Guest Relations window at SeaWorld only if you are bringing food inside the park. I hope this helps!Thank you again for your interest in SeaWorld Orlando. We hope to see you soon!


SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica
Guest Correspondence

2 thoughts on “Sea World Gluten Free Dining

  1. margaretblackburn0808

    Since most places can be capable of accommodating food allergy would that be included if you bought the all day dining pass?

  2. Harold & Dona

    Questions about the menu should be directed to the restaurant.


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