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Gluten Free Best Chain Restaurants, -">Chain Restaurants with Gluten Free Menus See what restaurants offer gluten free, before you leave home!

Can chain restaurants serve Gluten Free meals?
Look here to find the as rated by people with a gluten intolerance.

Applebee’s Wheat Allergen Information - – Web Site  -
Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu has allergy information between the lines - – Locations -
Baskin Robbins Nutrition Facts (Canada) - – Locations -
Ben & Jerry’s If a product contains gluten, it will be indicated on the label - . Visit the  Website -
Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Bonefish GrillGluten Free Menu Options Available – Locations -
Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Gluten Free Pizza - – Locations -
Boston Market Allergens Menu - – Locations -
Boston PizzaGluten Free Menu Select the city, the restaurant, and then menu, pizza & Gluten Free -
Buca di Beppo Gluten Free Menu & Locations -
California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Menu -
Carrabba’s Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Carl’s Jr. Gluten Free Information - – Locations -
Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Cheeseburger in Paradise  Gluten free menu -
Chick-fil-A Gluten Information - – Locations -
Chili’sGluten Free Menu – Locations -
Chipotle Mexican Grill Allergen Information - – Locations -
DQ Dairy Queen Gluten Free Menu - – Locations - –
Eat ‘n Park Celiac Menu - – Locations -
Fairmont Hotels Gluten-Free -   Destinations -
First Watch Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Garlic Jim’s Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Godfather’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza - – Locations -
Houlihan’s Restaurant & Bar Gluten Free Menu Online and locations -
Jason’s Deli Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Longhorn Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
McDonalds Gluten Free Menu -
Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza -
Monical’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza - – locations -
Morton’s The Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu -
Ninety NineGluten Free Menu – Locations -
New York Fries Allergen Info - – Locations -
Noodles & Co. - Watching Gluten Nutrition Guide -
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Menu for Gluten Allergies -" target="_blank">Gluten Free Menu 
On the Border 
Outback Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
PEI WEI Asian DinerGluten Free Choose Menu – Locations -
P. F. Chang’s China Bistro Gluten Free - – Locations -
Pizza Pizza Gluten Free Ingredients - – Locations -;=search
Qdoba Mexican GrillAllergen Information – Locations -
Red MangoGluten Free, Locations -
Red Robin Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Roly Poly Gluten Information - – Locations -
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Gluten Allergy Menu - – Locations -
Ruby TuesdayAllergen / Sensitivity Menu Guide – Locations -
Shanes Rib Shack Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Skyline Chili
Gluten Free Products – Locations   -
Sonny’s Bar-B-Q Allergen Info - Locations -
Souper Salad Gluten Free Menu - – Locations -
Swiss Chalet Allergy Guide - – Locations -
Taco Del Mar Gluten Free Nutrition - – Locations -
Ted’s Montana GrillGluten Free Menu– Locations -
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar Gluten Free Menu -
The Melting Pot Gluten Free Menu - Get the GF menu at each location - .
Uno Chicago Grill Locator -" target="_blank">Gluten Free Menu 
Wendy’s Gluten Free - (U.S. Menu Items Without Gluten) – Locations - – Not listed on the Celiac Restaurant Guide Locator 
zpizza Gluten Free - – Locations -

Cancel reply -" target="_blank">Click to Find Gluten Free Restaurant MealsThis is a list of chain restaurants with gluten free menus (or allergy information charts) that are displayed  on the web.  This list lets you see what a restaurant offers for gluten free meals, before you  go to the restaurant.  This is not a recommendation that these restaurants offer a good selection of gluten free options, or that they are able to prepare safe food for Celiacs.

The restaurants listed do serve food with gluten, but they have chosen to offer a menu with a variety of foods which are gluten free.  You will find the name of the restaurant, a link to their online gluten free menus or allergy information.  There is often a short excerpt from the restaurant’s web site about the type of food they serve.  There is a variety of restaurant types so you can find fast food restaurants, gluten free pizza and restaurants that offer a full service menu.

You will see Gluten Free Menu or Allergen Info, indicated beside the restaurant’s name.  Those restaurants that have a gluten free menu will indicate a Gluten Free Menu.   Many restaurants choose to only list their ingredients with an indication if they are Gluten free.  They usually have a column for wheat or gluten and indicate Y if there is gluten in the food and N if there isn’t.  Those restaurants will show as having Allergen Info. A gluten free menu is best, but if the restaurant doesn’t have a gluten free menu, the restaurant allergen information at least indicates that the restaurant is concerned about serving food that is safe for Celiacs.  From the Allergen Info. you will be able to get an idea about what kind of food you can get at the restaurant.

One of the advantages of going to a chain restaurant is they are concerned about their reputation. When you find a chain restaurant location that can serve you safe food, it is likely that other locations for that chain will also be safe for you.

Other Restaurants Chains with no Gluten Free Menu

logged in -" target="_blank">Rate a gluten free restaurantWhen you return from a restaurant, please take a moment to Rate the Restaurant.  Don’t rate the quality of food or the service, your rating should only indicate if the food was gluten free.   Choose 1 star if you were ill after you ate, 5 stars if  you felt fine after the meal.


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  1. ” Qdoba claim gluten free menu but when you go to the counter their corn and flour tortillas are all steamed on the same machine and their meats are grilled with unspecified spices {which often contain gluten} and they contaminate their sides with utensils and hands. Not Celiac friendly “

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