Canada Gluten Free Travel

For holiday locations that are located within a city the simplest way to find restaurants with gluten free food, is to go the Gluten Free Restaurant Locator and enter the name of the location you are visiting, for example “Niagara Falls”. If the locator doesn’t find it, you will need to use the address. You can then zoom in as close as you want to see the restaurant choices. Click on the restaurant flag to get the name and address of the restaurants with gluten free food near you. For more choices choose a larger area and hit Find.

For holiday locations that are not located within a city you can enter the name of the attraction in the same fashion, If the attraction is located in a large area like a National Park, the locator will find the center of the park. The nearest restaurants may be far away, or the center of the park may not even be inhabited. Try entering a larger search distance then zoom out to see the whole area.

Banff National Park Gluten Free Restaurants – Alberta, Canada

Niagara Falls Gluten Free Restaurants – Ontario & New York