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Gluten free travelingTraveling can be stressful, especially if you have to find a restaurant that serves gluten free. Learn about gluten free traveling from Celiac Restaurant Guide. These pages will help to make gluten free traveling a reality for you.

Gluten free traveling in some countries like England is quite easy, the restaurant industry there knows what gluten free means, most restaurants can provide you with safe delicious food. In other countries there seems to be almost no awareness of what gluten free means.

In many countries wheat is not a common food, so if you eat the local foods, eating gluten free might be easy. Before you travel, do a little research about the kinds of foods available in the country where you are planning to travel to. If it is going to be difficult to find gluten free food, perhaps choosing a different locations is a better idea. It’s a big world out there, there’s lots of places to visit.

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Traditionally food from South America doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, so eating gluten free in South America is not that difficult. For more information see Gluten Free Around the World –

  • Chili’s Restaurant locations –
    Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
  • Outback Steakhouse Locations – Brazil, Venezuela
  • P.F.Chang’s Location – Chile

Airlines & Cruise Ships Gluten Free Information

Here are a couple of sites that tell about opinions for getting GF food on Airlines and Cruise Ships.

Gluten free travel Airlines & Cruises –

Allergy Polices – Airlines –


Fairmont Hotels Lifestyle Cuisine Gluten Free – Destinations – Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, nutritious meals catering to guests with specific diet-dependent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and gluten-free. Request a special menu.

Where can I get Gluten Free Food?

We appreciate all the comments we receive, I think we can assume it’s easy to find restaurants that can’t serve gluten free meals.
What people really want to find out is: Where can I get gluten free meals?

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