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There are over 20,000 restaurants in North America that serve gluten free meals. Find restaurants near you on the Celiac Restaurant Guide Locator.

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Can Chain Restaurants provide Gluten Free Meals? Share your experiences?

  • Rate a Restaurant – If you have been to a restaurant to eat, please find the restaurant on the locator and do the restaurant’s Gluten Free Rating. Don’t rate the quality of food or the service, your rating should only indicate if the food was gluten free. Choose 1 star if you were ill after you ate, 5 stars if you felt fine after the meal. Rating the restaurant will help other Celiacs determine if the restaurant can serve gluten free food. Please only rate each restaurant once.
  • Selecting a restaurant – The restaurants listed on the guide attempt to provide their clients with safe gluten free restaurant meals, they may not always succeed. Some Celiacs will only want to eat at a restaurant if it has a 4 or 5 star rating but others may feel comfortable eating restaurants with a lower rating.
  • Add a Restaurant – If you eat at restaurants with gluten free menus or at restaurants that serve gluten free food, please share the name & address of this restaurant with us, so other Celiacs can benefit from your experience. Don’t add a restaurant unless you feel that they can provide meals that will give Celiacs a safe place to eat. When you add a restaurant it may not appear on the Celiac Restaurant Guide for a few days. Please let know if it is a restaurant with a gluten free menu on their website or in the restaurant. Does the restaurant have a good selection of gluten free meals or is there only a few choices that are gluten free? A few words in the Description area at the bottom of the form will be very helpful. Please check to see if the restaurant is already listed before you submit it.
  • Why should I add a Restaurant? When you do an internet search for Restaurants Gluten Free, would you like to see a better selection of restaurants where you could enjoy eating gluten free meals? A restaurant will make the decision to become a gluten free restaurant because they feel it will attract more customers. We all know from personal experience that making gluten free food is extra work and cost. If restaurants find that they are not getting many more customers by offering gluten free dining options, they may decide that gluten free meals are too much trouble and cost, and quit offering them. If we want restaurants to offer gluten free meals supporting them is the best way to keep them. If a restaurant owner sees that another restaurant is getting more business because they offer gluten free meals, they will start offering gluten free meals too. One easy way to support the restaurants is to add them to the Celiac Restaurant Guide, this is free advertising for the restaurant and it will get them more customers who ask for gluten free meals. When this happens, everyone will have a better selection of restaurants to choose from when you go out to eat.

How does a restaurant get listed in the guide?

All the locations listed in this guide are here either because they have a gluten free restaurant menu or the restaurant has been recommended by someone as a restaurant with gluten free food. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee that the food you are served is gluten free, there will be times when you are disappointed. Restaurants change for many reasons, the chef, owners or management may change, the server or kitchen staff may be poorly trained, etc. If you have never been to a restaurant before it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the restaurant can serve you a safe meal.