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Traditionally food from Mexico doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, so if you eat traditional Mexican food, gluten free is not that difficult. Some people have trouble eating in Mexican Restaurants, the standards for food safety are not as high as in North America.

If you eat at places that serve American food, be cautious, they will cook food using flour so the food may contain gluten. The hotel and restaurant chains you eat in in North America are probably OK. Use the same caution when ordering as you would in any restaurant you are unfamiliar with.

Gluten free Mexico restaurants are sometimes difficult to find, but there is some selection listed in the Gluten Free Restaurant Locator. Simply enter your location in the Restaurant Locator and you will see the location of the restaurants near you. Choose a radius to search in and you will see everything that is available in that area, zoom in to get more detail, then click on the markers for information on each location.

P.F.Chang’s Locations – in Mexico with gluten free menus

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