Adama Gluten-Free Comfort Cuisine

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Gluten Free Restaurant / Bakery – Adama

Adama Plant-Based Gluten-Free Comfort Cuisine is Santa Barbara’s first completely vegan and gluten free restaurant bakery.  They serve what they would eat, so there is a strong emphasis on organic ingredients. They have their own bakery. Custom cakes are available if you call ahead.

Being vegan is foremost about the animals. As lovers of the Creator, we believe that we must respect the creation. That goes hand in hand with taking care of the environment. This is not just our home. We think that one of the best ways to encourage others to abandon eating meat or to eat a whole lot less of it is to present them with familiar tasting and looking food.

Adama - Visit the website -
428 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara
Phone: 805-560-1348

Adama’s gluten free menu is displayed on their website. Being able to see Adama’s gluten free menu on the web before you go to the restaurant makes choosing the right restaurant easier.